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NCERT Exemplar Books are specifically designed for students of classes 6 to 12. These are important for students of class 7. It serves as a self-assessment book, which helps the students analyse their strengths and weaknesses. NCERT Exemplar books are developed by The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Science is specifically designed for young minds, aspiring to excel in Science. CBSE Board students have an added advantage of following this book since NCERT Exemplar Books follow CBSE Syllabus. In fact, students should be well-versed with the CBSE Syllabus to solve NCERT Exemplar Books properly.

Why NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Science?

NCERT Exemplar Science book for Class 7 stands out to be an important book. The book covers all the topics which help students to start learning about various anatomies from scratch. Students understand the concepts really well since it has detailed theory and diagrams. Therefore, practising NCERT Exemplar Science book will make them aware of various learning techniques as they will be solving a variety of questions.

NCERT Books of all Subjects – View Here

NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Science has 18 chapters. Each chapter contains 4 categories of questions depending on varying difficulty levels. Multiple Choice Questions, Very Short Answer Questions, Short Answer Questions and Long Answer Questions. The questions given in NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Science are not only meant to serve as a question bank but also to improve the quality of teaching in schools.

Download NCERT Exemplar Science Class 7 Book PDF

We have provided free PDF links of NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Science. The links are 100% authentic and free of spam/viruses. To download, click on the required link against the chapter name to view free PDF Questions of NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Science.

Chapter No. Chapter Name Download Link
1 Nutrition in Plants Download PDF
2 Nutrition in Animals Download PDF
3 Fibre to Fabric Download PDF
4 Heat Download PDF
5 Acids, Bases and Salts Download PDF
6 Physical and Chemical Changes Download PDF
7 Weather, Climate and Adaptation of Animals to Climate Download PDF
8 Wind, Storm and Cyclone Download PDF
9 Soil Download PDF
10 Respiration in Organisms Download PDF
11 Transportation in Animals and Plants Download PDF
12 Reproduction in Plants Download PDF
13 Motion and Time Download PDF
14 Electric Current and its Effects Download PDF
15 Light Download PDF
16 Water: A Precious Resource Download PDF
17 Forests: Our Lifeline Download PDF
18 Wastewater Story Download PDF
Answers Download PDF

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