How to become Public Prosecutor in India | Roles, Educational Qualification, Eligibility Criteria, Salary

How to become Public Prosecutor in India

How to Become Public Prosecutor in India?: Are you someone who has a keen interest in learning about laws? Do you want to participate in state affairs through legal terms? If yes, then Public Prosecutor is the right career option for you. To get more information on how to become Public Prosecutor in India, read the complete article.

A public prosecutor is a fragment of the state’s judiciary or judicial procedure, who works as in-charge at the time of litigation, appeal, and other processes related to law. The public prosecutor does not represent any particular community/ party but the state. The major motive of the state is basically to protect the rights of individuals and communities and not to take revenge. Unlike other prosecutors, the public prosecutor does not work in order to win the battle. But instead, they want to aim at discovering the truth.

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Role of a Public Prosecutor

Educational Qualification to become a Public Prosecutor

There are some necessary educational qualifications in order to become a public prosecutor. A person must have a degree in law with essential knowledge of laws. You should have done a Bachelor’s in law (LLB) of 3 or 5 years from any authorized law school that receives recognition by the bar council of India. If you are a graduate, then you can do a 3 years LLB degree or if you are an intermediate pass student then, you can do an LLB for 5 years. In simple terms, only a lawyer can be a public prosecutor.

Under the provision of section 24 of CRPC 1972, a public prosecutor is able to create prosecution, make appeals or ask for judicial proceedings in the High court to the Supreme court, in the Central Government, or the State government. The State government appoints the public prosecutor for every district. The appointment of a public prosecutor is for strengthening the judicial procedure. It is also possible that in every state, the appointment of more than one public prosecutor occurs.

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Salary of a Public Prosecutor

The salary of a public prosecutor who is decent at the entry-level varies from 3-4 lakhs. With experience and gain of knowledge, there is an increment in the salary of a public prosecutor, from mid-level to a higher level, it goes from 8-12 lakhs.

Eligibility Criteria to become a Public Prosecutor

In order to become a Public Prosecutor, you need to satisfy some eligibility criteria such as:

If you are someone who loves to investigate, learn and solve inexplicable cases that are associated with state and governmental matters, then a public prosecutor is the right profession for you.  If you satisfy the eligibility criteria, then you should definitely go through the exam and procedure.

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