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CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Notes – Free PDF Download

Now you can easily download the revision notes of CBSE board for the Class 11 Business Studies. This is one of the vital subjects for the students of class 11, so here you will get all the important information with just one click. Collect the entire important topic free of cost and without any harassment of providing login details.

Notes for CBSE Class 11 Business Studies – Free PDF Download

  1. Nature and Purpose of Business
  2. Forms of Business Organisation
  3. Private, Public and Global Enterprises
  4. Business Services
  5. Emerging Modes of Business
  6. Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics
  7. Formation of a Company
  8. Sources of Business Finance
  9. Small Business
  10. Internal Trade
  11. International Business-I
  12. International Business-II

Now giving revision is easier with these notes

In this PDF you will get the summery notes which are beautifully explained by the expert teachers. All the chapters are explained point wise so that you can easily remember the facts. It is very much useful for the best revision.

There are 14 chapters which are neatly discussed, as a student of class 11 you should know about the Economic Activities, and how many types of Economic Activities are there. Along with that you should know the Characteristics of Business Activities. This one is an important chapter as it covers so many points like

  • An economic Activity
  • Production of Goods and Services
  • Sale or Exchange of Goods and Services
  • Profit Earning
  • Element of risk

So these are the main topics you will get from here. Apart from that you should have the knowledge of Industry, what is an Industry and how many parts are there to divide the categories? Do you know what Manufacturing Industry is? It is explained here by our experts. So many, important information like these you will get from here and it will help you to enhance your knowledge and interest towards the subject.

You may heard about TRADE, but do you know the classification of its and how use this terms? What is Internal and External Trade? You may have some idea about Import and Export but do you know what is Entrepot Trade? Let’s clear your all ideas related to the business field from this given PDF. It is the easy topic, just need to focus and make your revision interesting with such topics and explanations.

Business means taking Risk, but it doesn’t mean you can do anything, before taking risk you have to focus or know about some important criteria of taking risk. The first thing is you should know the Nature and Size of your business. Make Sure that you know the exact of taking this Business Risk, may it be the Natural Cause, Human Cause, Economic Cause or any other. As a student you should have a clear idea of these things.

Having such books will improve your Future

These types of information not only help you to improve your study and marks but also help you to improve your future. So as a student of class 11 you should not neglect this subject and its chapters. All the lessons are important here and you can easily recall these if you go through the PDF once. This information is made with some easy and simple language along with the examples so that anyone can easily grab the fact.


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