Why Writing is More Tougher than Speaking? Tips for The Speed of Your Writing Skill

Writing for newspaper Academy students and other backgrounds are always different than speaking. There is a vast gap between spoken and written English. Most people are not aware of what they are writing and what they are saying. People are good at speaking rather than writing.

Our brain always responds to our local language very fast than any other. It is generally the language we learn under and listen to from childhood. Translation to any different language takes more time. When you translate to another language, our brain goes through some stages.

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Why is Writing more Difficult than Speaking?

There are some reasons why people are better at speaking than writing.

  • Some reason may be due to hesitation, fear of making mistakes.
  • Speaking is generally natural while writing is unnatural, good writing depends on the ability to imagine.
  • speaking is generally a useful gift, but writing we have to learn. Speaking something is relatively easy, and it is instant action, but you have to think a lot in writing. You always worry about our knowledge of English.
  • Writing is more rule-based, so it is more irritating. In speaking, we are not concerned about grammatical error or anything.
  • speaking is the introduction of our thinking, but in writing, we are concerned about content to write, whom your right, the grammar is correct or not,
  • people may forget what you speak in the debate, but if you write something in the paragraph to them, they will remember forever.
  • We always learn To speak fast then write. Writing needs proper grammar and proper order. Sometimes, good speakers do not use informal speech, but people who have speech impediments make it easier for them to write than speak as they learn about writing from childhood.
  • People write in the paper when they have no courage to say it out loud, but we often remember that people are more comfortable with reading if you pass a message than from a conversation by phone.
  • It became more difficult to write things for the business, deal with any planning.
  • In case of speaking, we only required to think what to express, but in writing, we needed both physical and mental effort and to put our thought in writing sometimes reduce our amount of word and ideas regarding what you want to say exactly
  • Writing requires more time to pause for thought and correct mistakes, but speaking gives you one chance to share your Motto in something, and it can’t be Irreversible.
  • Learning to write fluently is much more challenging than learning to speak even though it is more stringent for advanced level learners. Written communication is generally slower in English than speaking.
  • If you were working in a business any mistake in writing can lead to problems. In speaking; you can manage it by smiling and making a good impression but with writing all you have your word.
  • Spoken communication allows more mistakes if you are in a public party and you have a conversation with people, and if you want to to make fun you can use any word, and everyone will get pleasure .you can tease anyone, but when it comes to writing you can do the same
  • Speaking is much more spontaneous than writing if anything loses it does not impact your communication skill. Still, in writing, it is necessary to think about writing it for the audience; you need to understand who will be reading your writing. It takes more time to figure this thing out.
  • Expectation are high in writing
  • When anything is present in a presentation we always focus on what is written. Because we ever need an entertaining and informative text, when we give any representation without text, it gives less pressure then and with text presentation.
  • One thing that every individual face in difficulty to write is time-consuming, restoration and pressurization
  • Finding the right voice
  • Written language takes many different registers depending on the function of the written word. Sometimes a written word is considered as artificial for the viewer.
  • Writing is hard or slower and more effortful than speaking
  • We feel frustrated when we write a blog or post or email regarding the time taken. We often think about that time. Speaking is good.
  • when we want to write, speak something or explain something or describe something we open our mouth and talk but that same does not happen with writing. While you are writing, When we start writing, we do not write instantly, what you are thinking.
  • when we are writing typing speed ‘is lower what sometimes gets muddled of ideas. Time gets lost, and concepts miss., writing anything we need typing speed will not reflect what you are thinking.
  • In typing, if you do not look at the screen, we will find many mistakes it needs more time for correction.
  • Writing is more time and energy; speaking a word at loud is much faster than typing a word.
  • When we speak we are not distracted by your mistakes, and we don’t go back to what you are told. In the case of writing, we are always delighted by our mistakes.
  • We prefer not to talk, what we don’t know, in writing we need to research on the internet of anything
  • Writing how you speak is challenging because it reflects your thinking on the keyboard then your mouth and will result in conversational sounding content. But it is very tricky for most of us.
  • Writing for a Blog will be effortless, then having a conversation about any subject will take an hour to many hours to put together all the valuable posts in a blog. Writing top-quality content is more time-consuming.

Some Tips for The Speed of Your Writing Skill

  • Before writing anything set your mind as the main object of the passage.
  • Before writing for any blog research about the internet list all the key points you want to put in your writing pad at the initial stage right it all you want to put in your blog and after that resize it and correct it. You need to follow the following rules such as attention, interest, desire and action.
  • Attention is something headline and introduction who give importance to your text. Interest in writing something interesting and engaging will attract everyone. Desire when a reader reads your post about what he should do, what information we should get if we should mention it in your post.
  • Action what do you expect the reader to do next after reading.
  • Transfer all the unconnected informative points into a single piece of content
  • Polishing, the text more time-Consuming. After writing anything when we go to the same text again and again. We always want to improve the text, reduce unnecessary words and eliminate errors.


Writing and speaking are two different ways of expressing your thought; it depends on what and how people accept them. Both her part and parcel of our life for describing, in reality, there is no vast difference in speaking and writing; it is the only difference in our mind.

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