Why Students Make Wrong Career Choices?

– Limited Self-Knowledge: Many students haven't fully explored their interests, strengths, and values.

– Parental Pressure: Some parents push their children towards specific careers, regardless of their interests or aptitudes.

– Societal Expectations: Societal pressure to pursue high-paying or prestigious careers can cloud a student's judgment.

– Lack of Career Exploration: Many schools don't provide adequate career counseling or opportunities for students to explore different professions.

– Focusing on Salary Over Passion: While financial security is important, choosing a career solely based on salary can lead to long-term unhappiness.

– Misunderstanding Job Descriptions: Students might rely on stereotypes or outdated information about careers.

– Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Students might choose a popular major or career path because their friends are doing it, not because it aligns with their own goals.