Why do People in India only want to pursue MBBS and Engineering? 7 Reasons to Re-think

– Social Prestige: Doctors and engineers are highly respected professions in India, bringing honor and pride to families.

– Perceived Job Security: These fields are seen as offering stable careers with good salaries, important in a competitive job market.

– Limited Awareness: The education system and societal influences might not adequately expose students to the wide range of career options available.

– Parental Pressure: Some families push their children towards these fields due to their own aspirations or limited knowledge of alternatives.

– Competitive Exams: Entrance exams for MBBS and Engineering (NEET and JEE) are highly competitive, creating a narrow focus for many students.

– Skills and Interests: Not everyone is suited for the demanding nature of these fields. Following your passion can lead to greater satisfaction.

– Emerging Opportunities: Fields like data science, finance, and creative industries offer exciting and lucrative careers.

– Entrepreneurship: India's growing economy provides opportunities for building successful businesses.

So, what can be done? – Career Counseling: Schools and parents can provide guidance on diverse career paths.

– Exposure to Options: Educational institutions can showcase a wider range of professions.

– Shifting Mindsets: Celebrating success in various fields can change societal perceptions.