Which is the Most Famous Formula of Mathematics?

1. Pythagorean Theorem: This ancient formula (a^2 + b^2 = c^2) relates the lengths of sides in a right triangle and is considered fundamental in geometry and trigonometry.

2. E=mc^2: Einstein's famous formula for mass-energy equivalence revolutionized our understanding of physics and has significant implications in various fields, including nuclear science and astrophysics.

3. Euler's identity: This elegant formula (e^(iπ) + 1 = 0) combines five fundamental mathematical constants and showcases the beauty and interconnectedness of various branches of mathematics.

4. Law of universal gravitation: This formula (F = G * m1 * m2 / r^2) by Newton describes the attractive force between objects with mass and is crucial for understanding planetary motion and celestial mechanics.

5. Logarithm: This mathematical operation simplifies complex calculations involving exponents and has applications in various fields, including finance, computer science, and engineering.

These are just a few examples, and the "most famous" formula can vary depending on individual perspectives and fields of study. Each formula has its own unique significance and contribution to the vast and fascinating world of mathematics.