When Is the Right Age To Send Your Child To Tuition?

– Your child's individual needs: Is your child struggling in a specific subject?  Do they crave extra academic challenge?

– Learning style: Does your child learn best in a one-on-one setting or a group environment?

– Teacher's expertise: Can a tutor effectively address your child's specific needs and learning style?

– Early Years (Age 3-6): Play is crucial for development. Focus on fostering a love of learning through hands-on activities.

– Foundation Years (Age 6-10): Tuition can help build a strong foundation in core subjects if your child needs extra support.

– Pre-Adolescence (Age 11-13): Tutoring can be helpful for reinforcing concepts learned in school or tackling specific challenges.

– High School (Age 14-18): Tutoring can be useful for exam preparation or in-depth exploration of specific subjects.