What's New about NCERT Political Science Textbooks?

– Potential Revisions: There have been reports of revisions to NCERT Political Science textbooks, particularly the Class 12 text.

– Focus of Revisions: The reported revisions center around aligning the content with recent political developments and potentially omitting references to sensitive topics like the Babri Masjid demolition.

– Criticism: Some critics argue these revisions prioritize a certain viewpoint and neglect a well-rounded understanding of historical events.

– Finding Updated Information: Unfortunately, there's no official confirmation or specific details available about the revised content from the NCERT website.

– News articles: Search for recent news articles about NCERT textbook revisions, particularly focusing on Political Science.

– Official NCERT website: You can check the official NCERT website (https://ncert.nic.in/) for any announcements about revised editions.