What to Do If JEE Mains is Not Cleared?

Re-evaluate and Analyze: – Analyze your performance: Identify your strengths and weaknesses by reviewing your mistakes.

– Consider a Re-attempt: The exam is conducted twice a year. If you believe you can significantly improve, re-enrolling.

Explore Other Engineering Entrance Exams: – State Engineering Exams: Several states conduct their own engineering entrance exams.

– Private Universities: Many reputed private universities conduct their entrance exams for engineering programs.

Alternative Educational Paths: – BSc Courses: Explore other science-based bachelor's degrees like Biotechnology, Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics.

– Professional Courses: Consider professional courses in fields like Architecture, Pharmacy, or Merchant Navy.

Develop Skills and Gain Experience: – Internships: Look for internships in engineering firms or research institutions to gain practical experience and build your resume.

– Skill Development Courses: Enroll in skill development courses relevant to your field of interest.

Additional Tips: – Seek guidance: Talk to teachers, mentors, or career counselors for advice and support.

– Stay positive: Don't be discouraged. Focus on your strengths and explore the various opportunities available to you.

Remember, not clearing JEE Mains is not the end of the road.  Multiple pathways can lead to a successful career in engineering or related fields.