UGC NET 2024 Paper 1: List of Topics you Must Prepare for

Teaching Aptitude – Nature of Teaching: This section covers the philosophical underpinnings of education, including different teaching methods.

– Learner's Characteristics: Understanding learners' characteristics like age, cognitive development,  and individual differences is crucial for effective teaching.

– Curriculum and Curriculum Development: Grasp the concept of curriculum, its development process,  and different curriculum designs.

– Teaching in Higher Education: Explore specific teaching methods and strategies  used in higher education institutions.

– Evaluation and Assessment: Learn about various assessment methods  used to evaluate student learning outcomes.

Research Aptitude – Meaning of Research: Understand the fundamental concepts of research, including  types of research, research methods, and research ethics.

– Research Process: Become familiar with the different stages involved in  conducting research, from  formulating a research question to  disseminating the findings.

– Techniques of Research: Explore various research methodologies  like  quantitative research, qualitative research, and mixed methods research.

– Analysis of Data and Interpretation: Learn about data analysis techniques  used to interpret research findings.

– Research Ethics:  Comprehend the ethical considerations  involved in conducting research.