Top Most Hated Programming Languages

– Visual Basic for Applications (VBA):  While widely used in office applications, VBA can be limiting and lacks modern features.

– Assembly Language:  Notorious for its complexity and low-level nature, assembly is close to the machine code, making it difficult to read, write, and maintain.

– Perl:  Once a favorite for web development, Perl's syntax can be cryptic and quirky, leading to some frustration among programmers.

– Objective-C:  While historically important for Apple products, Objective-C has been surpassed by Swift, leaving some developers with negative experiences.

– Java:  Java can be verbose and have a complex build process, which some developers find tedious.

– PHP:  Often associated with legacy code and security vulnerabilities, PHP can be challenging to maintain for large projects.

It's important to remember that these are just general trends, and some programmers may love these languages despite their common criticisms.