Top 7 Books Recommended by Elon Musk to turn your Dreams into Reality

1. Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down by J.E. Gordon: This book provides a foundational understanding of engineering principles

2. Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson:  This biography sheds light on Benjamin Franklin's diverse interests, entrepreneurial spirit.

3. Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson:  Another Isaacson biography, this time exploring the life and mind of Albert Einstein.

4. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien:  This epic fantasy series showcases themes of perseverance, fellowship, and the triumph of good over evil.

5. Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway:  This book explores the strategies used by some to cast doubt on scientific truths.

6. Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom:  This book delves into the potential risks and benefits of artificial intelligence.

7. Ignition!: An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants by John D. Clark: This book dives into the history and science of rocket propellants.

While Elon Musk hasn't explicitly stated how these books will help you achieve your dreams, they likely influenced his thinking and approach to problem-solving, innovation, and perseverance.