These are the 10 most Scoring Optional Subjects for UPSC Civil Services Exam

1. Individual Strengths and Preferences: Your personal strengths, interests, and academic background play a crucial role.

2. Difficulty Level: Some subjects like Public Administration or Geography are perceived as relatively easier to understand and score in, while others like Anthropology or Mathematics might require deeper preparation and prior knowledge.

3. Availability of Study Material and Guidance: Good quality study materials, coaching centers, and mentors can significantly impact your preparation and performance.

4. Paper Setting and Marking Trends: Each year, the difficulty level and focus of the exam can vary depending on the examiner.

Instead of focusing on a ranked list, I recommend considering these factors when choosing your optional subject:

– Your Academic Background and Interests: Match your optional subject to your existing knowledge and passion to ensure deeper engagement and better understanding.

– Availability of Resources: Research the availability of quality study materials, coaching options, and guidance for your chosen subject.

– Difficulty Level: Assess the subject's complexity and difficulty based on your own strengths and weaknesses.

– Past Exam Trends: Analyze past question papers and marking trends to understand the subject's examinability and recent focus areas.

Remember, your optional subject choice is crucial for your overall success in the UPSC exam. Choose wisely, focus on thorough preparation, and don't rely solely on the perceived "scoring" potential of a subject.