SSC JE exam 2024 from June 1st: Tips to Easily Crack General Intelligence Section

1. Target High-Weightage Areas: Focus on mastering frequently tested topics like analogies, coding-decoding, classification, and series completion.

2. Sharpen Your Elimination Skills: In SSC exams, often one or two answer choices can be eliminated quickly using logic.

3. Brush Up on Mental Math:  Practice solving problems quickly without relying on a calculator.

4. Visualize with Diagrams:  For complex questions, especially those involving spatial reasoning,  sketch diagrams to represent the problem and visualize the solution.

5. Practice Regularly with Time Limits: Simulate the exam environment by taking practice tests under timed conditions.

6. Learn from Mistakes:  Don't just skim over incorrect answers in practice tests.

7. Be Mindful of Negative Marking: The SSC exam has negative marking, so avoid impulsive guessing.