NEET UG scam: Top 8 Highlights from the SC Verdict

1. Grace Marks Cancelled: The 1,563 candidates who received grace marks will have them revoked.

2. Re-Test Option: These affected students can choose to retake the exam on June 23rd.

3. Original Scores Stand: Students can choose to keep their original scores.

4. No Stay on Counselling: The ongoing medical counselling process will not be interrupted.

5. Paper Leak Petition: A separate petition alleging a paper leak awaits a hearing on July 8th.

6. Physics Wallah CEO's Petition: The Court noted the petition by Physics Wallah's CEO but hasn't issued a verdict yet.

7. Focus on Fairness: The Court's actions aim to ensure a fair and transparent admissions process.

8. Next Steps: Students impacted by the grace mark cancellation should await further information from the NTA.