NEET UG Rank and Percentile: How are they Calculated?

NEET UG Rank: – Represents your national position: Your NEET UG rank indicates how many students scored higher than you in the exam.

– Calculated based on total marks: The student with the highest score gets rank 1, and so on.

– Ties are broken by: If there's a tie in total marks, factors like fewer incorrect answers, age (older candidates get lower rank), and subject-wise marks might be considered.

NEET UG Percentile: – Represents your relative position: Your NEET UG percentile indicates the percentage of students who scored lower than you.

– Calculated using a formula: It takes into account the total scores of all test-takers and your score.

– Example: A 90th percentile score means you scored higher than 90% of the test-takers.

Here's a formula (if total number of candidates is known): – NEET Percentile = (Total Number of Candidates Appearing in the Exam - Your NEET Rank) / Total Number of Candidates Appearing in the Exam x 100