NEET UG 2024: 8 Topics in Physics to Score Above 150

1. Center of Mass and Momentum: This chapter deals with the concept of center of mass of a system of particles and its motion.

2. Rotational Motion: This chapter introduces the concept of rotational motion and its parameters like angular displacement, angular velocity, and angular acceleration.

3. Work, Power, and Energy:This chapter deals with the concepts of work done by a force, power, and different forms of energy (kinetic, potential, mechanical, thermal).

4. Electrostatics:This chapter deals with electric charges, electric fields, electric potential, and their relationships.

5. Current Electricity:This chapter deals with electric current, potential difference, resistance, and Ohm's law.

6. Magnetic Effects of Current:This chapter deals with the magnetic field produced by a current-carrying conductor and its properties.

7. Ray Optics and Wave Optics:Ray optics deals with the propagation of light in a straight line and its reflection and refraction at surfaces.

8. Modern Physics: This chapter deals with topics like photoelectric effect, Bohr's atomic model, nuclear physics, and their applications.