NEET UG 2024: 10 Key Topics in Chemistry to Score 150+

1. Atomic Structure: This fundamental topic lays the groundwork for understanding chemical bonding, reactions, and periodicity.

2. Periodic Classification of Elements: Understanding the organization of elements in the periodic table is crucial.

3. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure: Delve into ionic and covalent bonding, Lewis structures, hydrogen bonding, hybridization, and VSEPR theory to predict molecular shapes.

4. States of Matter: Explore the properties of solids, liquids, and gases, including kinetic theory, ideal gas laws, colligative properties, and phase equilibria.

5. Chemical Thermodynamics: Grasp the concepts of enthalpy, entropy, free energy, and chemical equilibrium to predict the spontaneity of reactions.

6. Chemical Kinetics: Learn about reaction rates, rate laws, factors affecting reaction rates, and mechanisms of chemical reactions.

7. Redox Reactions: Balance oxidation-reduction reactions using various methods like the ion-electron method and the half-reaction method.

8. Salt Analysis: Predict the products of reactions involving various types of salts in aqueous solutions, including precipitation, neutralization, and gas evolution reactions.

9. General Organic Chemistry: Master the basic concepts of organic chemistry, including functional groups, nomenclature, isomers, and reaction mechanisms for important organic functional groups.

10. Inorganic Chemistry: Study important concepts like p-block elements, d-block elements, coordination chemistry, and metallurgy.