JEE Main Result 2024: 10 Reasons Why You Could Not Score Well

1. Inadequate Preparation: Didn't dedicate enough time to studying the entire syllabus or focused heavily on certain areas while neglecting others.

2. Weak Fundamental Concepts: A shaky foundation in core scientific concepts like physics, chemistry, and mathematics can hinder problem-solving abilities.

3. Poor Time Management: Struggled to complete the exam within the stipulated time due to slow reading, time spent on tricky questions, or improper strategy.

4. Exam Anxiety: Felt overwhelmed by pressure and stress during the exam, leading to careless mistakes or forgetting formulas.

5. Lack of Practice: Limited practice with mock tests or previous years' question papers can lead to unfamiliarity with the exam format and question styles.

6. Inconsistent Study Habits: Studied sporadically or crammed last minute, hindering knowledge retention and effective revision.

7. Misunderstood Concepts: Grasped concepts incorrectly or relied on rote memorization without true understanding.

8. Careless Mistakes: Made silly mistakes due to rushing, poor calculation skills, or misreading questions.

9. Unrealistic Expectations: Set unrealistic score goals without considering your current level of preparation.

10. External Factors: Unexpected situations like illness, personal problems, or disturbances at the test center could have impacted your performance.