How to get full marks in NEET by Focusing on the NCERT Text Book?

Thorough Understanding: – Read and comprehend every chapter: Pay close attention to the concepts, definitions, diagrams, and examples provided.

– Don't just memorize: Strive to understand the underlying principles and how they interlink.

Actively Engage with the Material: – Take notes and highlight key points: Summarize important information and concepts in your own words.

– Practice solving problems: Work through the in-text exercises and additional problems from reliable sources.

– Explain concepts to others: Teaching others solidifies your own understanding.

Beyond NCERT: – NCERT Exemplar books: These provide additional challenges and help hone your problem-solving abilities.

– Mock tests and previous years' papers: Practice applying your knowledge under timed conditions to identify areas needing improvement and develop exam-taking strategies.

Additional Tips: – Maintain a consistent study schedule: Regularly revisit the NCERT textbook to reinforce concepts and address any gaps in your understanding.

– Seek guidance: Clarify doubts with teachers, mentors, or online resources.

– Focus on your weaknesses: Devote extra time to topics you find challenging.

Remember, securing full marks requires dedication, discipline, and a well-rounded approach to your preparation. NCERT should be your primary resource, but don't neglect practicing with mock tests, previous year's papers, and exploring additional problem-solving exercises.