French Language Day: 9 Lesser known facts on one of the most-spoken languages in the world

1. French is spoken in 5 continents:  French is the only language besides English that is spoken on all five continents.

2. French is the language of love and romance, but not originally from France:  Believe it or not, French wasn't even the original language spoken in France!

3. French has a plethora of accents:  The French language is known for its beautiful and distinct accents.

4. French avoids the letter W: There are no words in the French language that use the letter "w".

5. English borrows heavily from French:  Around 30% of English words have French origins!

6. French is the language of diplomacy:  French, along with English, is one of the two official working languages of the United Nations.

7. French is the language of fashion: Many fashion  terms  originate from French,  reflecting the  country's  prestigious  fashion  industry.

8. French  counting  can  get  tricky: French  numbering  between  80  and  99  follows a unique  system.

9. French is the language of ballet:  The terminology used in ballet is predominantly French.

Learning French opens doors to a rich culture, beautiful language, and exciting career opportunities. So next time you hear someone speaking French, you might surprise them with your knowledge of these lesser-known facts!