Easy Science Project Ideas for School Students

1. Growing Crystals: Grow beautiful crystals from simple materials like salt or sugar. Observe crystal shapes and learn about saturation and concentration.

2. Building a Volcano: Design a model volcano and create an eruption with baking soda and vinegar.

3. Making a Lava Lamp: Make a mesmerizing homemade lava lamp with oil, water, and food coloring.

4. Constructing a Solar Oven: Construct a simple solar oven using cardboard and aluminum foil.

5. Testing Surface Tension: Design an experiment to test the surface tension of water.

6. Investigating Air Pressure: Build a barometer with simple materials and track air pressure changes.

7. Creating a Simple Battery: Construct a battery using readily available materials like fruits and electrodes.

8. Building a Bridge: Design and build a bridge using different materials and techniques.

9. Launching a Rocket: Create a simple water bottle rocket and experiment with different launch techniques.

10. Growing Plants under Different Conditions: Investigate plant growth under varying conditions.

Bonus: Research and present a biography of a famous scientist, highlighting their achievements and contributions to science.

These projects are suitable for primary and middle school students, can be easily completed with readily available materials, and encourage hands-on learning and exploration of scientific concepts.