Difference Between CLAT and AILET Entrance Exams 2025

Exam Focus: – CLAT: Wider reach, grants admission to 24+ NLUs and other law schools. – AILET: Specifically for admission to National Law University Delhi (NLUD).

Exam Pattern: – CLAT: 5 sections - English, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Current Affairs. – AILET: 4 sections - English, Legal Reasoning, Reasoning, Elementary Mathematics, General Knowledge.

Key Differences: – Math: CLAT includes a Quantitative Aptitude section, while AILET has Elementary Mathematics, typically considered easier. – GK Format: CLAT uses passages for GK questions, while AILET uses one-liners or statements.

– Competition: CLAT is generally considered more competitive due to the wider range of colleges. – Difficulty: AILET is often perceived as slightly more challenging overall.

Choosing the Right Exam: – Consider your target colleges (NLUs or specifically NLUD). – Evaluate your strengths in math and different GK formats. – Research the difficulty level and competition for each exam.

Both exams can be gateway to prestigious law careers. Choose the one that best aligns with your goals and strengths.