CBSE Class 10 Science exam: Detailed list of Important Formulas for Last Minute Revision

1. Refer to Official Sources: – Utilize your NCERT textbooks and any official study materials provided by the CBSE board.

2. Focus on Key Formulas: – Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to memorize every single formula.

3. Create Formula Sheets: – Compile a concise list of key formulas on notecards or a separate sheet.

4. Practice Regularly: – Don't merely memorize formulas. Dedicate time to practicing their application by solving sample questions and past exam papers.

5. Test Yourself: – Conduct self-assessments by covering the formulas and testing your ability to recall and apply them.

Additional Tips: – Group related formulas together for better memorization. – Use mnemonic devices or acronyms to create memory aids for complex formulas.

Remember, effective revision goes beyond memorization. Focus on comprehending the underlying concepts and how formulas are applied in various contexts.