9 Powerful Hacks to Remember Everything you Read

1. Pre-Reading Prep: Don't dive in cold! Skim headings, subheadings, visuals, and bold text to grasp the overall structure and key points.

2. Active Reading: Engage with the text! Ask yourself questions, underline important ideas, and take notes to solidify information in your memory.

3. Mind Mapping: Create visual representations of the text's structure and relationships between ideas.

4. The Feynman Technique: Imagine explaining the concept to someone who knows nothing about it.

5. The Cornell Method: Divide your notes into sections for cues (keywords), notes (key points), and summary (main ideas).

6. Mnemonic Devices: Create memory aids like acronyms or rhymes to remember key points.

7. Spaced Repetition: Don't cram! Review information at spaced intervals to move it from short-term to long-term memory.

8. Teach it to Others: Sharing knowledge strengthens your own understanding.

9. Real-World Application:  Connect what you read to your own life or experiences.