8 Ways to Appear more Intelligent in Class

1. Active Listening & Building on Ideas: Pay close attention to what others are saying, then build upon their points.

2. Ask Insightful Questions: Don't just ask for clarification – delve deeper. Frame questions that spark discussions or reveal critical thinking skills.

3. Bridge the Theory-Practice Gap: Don't just regurgitate facts. Show you understand the concepts by applying them to real-world scenarios or citing relevant examples.

4. Speak with Confidence (Even if You're Nervous): Project your voice, maintain eye contact, and avoid filler words like "um" or "ah." Confidence goes a long way.

5. Play Devil's Advocate (Constructively): Respectfully present opposing viewpoints, but be prepared to back up your arguments with evidence.

6. Go Beyond the Textbook: Explore additional resources, like credible online articles or scholarly journals.

7. Embrace Curiosity: Show genuine interest in the subject matter.  Ask "why" questions and express a desire to understand the deeper implications of concepts.

8. Precise Language, Not Jargon Overload: Avoid overly complex vocabulary.