8 Signs you are a Fast Reader

1. High Comprehension: You can absorb information quickly and retain the key points of the text without having to re-read passages.

2. Minimal Subvocalization: You don't "hear" the words in your head as you read. Instead, you process the meaning directly.

3. Strong Focus and Concentration: You can block out distractions and stay immersed in the text for extended periods.

4. Excellent Eye Tracking: Your eyes move smoothly across the lines of text with minimal backtracking or skipping words.

5. Wide Field of Vision: You can take in several words at a time, rather than focusing on individual words.

6. Efficient Information Processing: Your brain quickly processes the information you're reading and makes connections to your existing knowledge.

7. Enjoyment of Reading: You find reading pleasurable and engaging, not a chore.

8. Preference for Dense Material: You gravitate towards complex texts with rich vocabulary and don't shy away from challenging content.