8 Points To Remember About IB Extended Essay

1. Independent Research:  The IB Extended Essay is a self-directed research project, requiring you to take ownership.

2. Focus & Method:  Select a specific research question that aligns with a chosen subject area.

3. Critical Thinking:  Go beyond summarizing information.  Analyze your findings, interpret data, and draw well-supported conclusions.

4. Formal Academic Writing:  Maintain a formal writing style with proper citations and referencing following the prescribed IB guidelines.

5. Word Count:  Adhere to the 4,000-word limit, ensuring your essay provides a concise yet comprehensive exploration of your chosen topic.

6. Supervisor Guidance:  Seek regular feedback and guidance from your assigned supervisor throughout the research and writing process.

7. Time Management:  Start early! Plan and schedule your research, writing, and revision phases effectively to meet deadlines.

8. Embrace the Challenge:  The Extended Essay is an opportunity to develop valuable research, writing, and critical thinking skills.

By understanding these key points, you can approach your IB Extended Essay with confidence and set yourself up for success. Remember, this is a chance to showcase your research abilities and delve into a topic that genuinely interests you.