8 New Skills Students can Pick up During their Summer Vacation

1. Coding & Programming: Explore the exciting world of coding with beginner-friendly apps or online courses.

2. Graphic Design: Learn the basics of graphic design using software like Canva or Adobe Creative Suite.

3. New Language: Immerse yourself in a new language with apps, online courses, or local conversation groups.

4. A Musical Instrument: Have you always wanted to play the guitar, piano, or drums?

5. Cooking & Baking: Master the art of cooking and baking! Experiment with new recipes, learn valuable life skills.

6. Creative Writing: Unlock your inner writer! Take a creative writing course, participate in online writing prompts.

7. Public Speaking: Join a public speaking workshop or club. Hone your communication skills and gain the confidence to speak up in any situation.

8. Gardening: Get your hands dirty and learn the joys of gardening! Grow your own vegetables, herbs, or flowers.