8 Memory Techniques Toppers don't tell you about

1. Interleaving: Mix up different topics while studying. Don't just cram the same subject repeatedly.

2. Self-Explanation: Don't just passively read. Explain concepts out loud, as if teaching someone else.

3. Elaborative Encoding: Connect information to existing knowledge. Create stories or metaphors to make it more memorable.

4. Mnemonic Inversion: Flip a familiar mnemonic on its head for a surprising twist that aids recall.

5. The Elaboration Effect: Instead of rote memorization, tell stories or create narratives around the information you're trying to remember.

6. Humor & Absurdity: Incorporate humor or create intentionally silly scenarios to make facts stick.

7. Dual Coding: Combine visual and auditory learning. Draw diagrams, mind maps, or record yourself explaining information.

8. Teach Someone Else: Even if they're not there, explaining information as if you're teaching someone reinforces your own understanding.