8 Languages English Speakers can Pickup Easily

1. Frisian: This language, spoken by a small population in the Netherlands, is actually closer to English than Dutch!

2. Afrikaans: Developed from Dutch, Afrikaans shares many similarities with English vocabulary and grammar.

3. Norwegian (Norsk): A fellow Germanic language, Norwegian boasts a sentence structure and pronunciation that's generally easier for English speakers.

4. Swedish (Svenska): Another Germanic language, Swedish shares some vocabulary and grammatical structures with English.

5. Spanish (Español): With a wealth of cognates related to food, art, and law, Spanish offers a strong foundation for English speakers.

6. Italian (Italiano):  Romance language like Spanish, Italian shares many cognates with English and has a logical pronunciation system.

7. French (Français): Though French grammar can be trickier, the abundance of loanwords in English and the  somewhat predictable pronunciation make it a good choice for English speakers.

8. Portuguese (Português): Closely related to Spanish, Portuguese offers a similar level of difficulty for English speakers.