8 High Paying career options in Space Industry Beyond an Astronaut

1. Aerospace Engineer: Design and develop the spacecraft, rockets, and satellites that propel us into space exploration.

2. Astronaut Physician: Keeping space travelers healthy is crucial for long-duration missions.

3. Astrophysicist: Astrophysicists use  theories of physics and chemistry to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

4. Computer Hardware Engineer: Spacecraft rely on  complex computer systems  to function,  gather data,  and communicate with Earth.

5. Electrical or Electronics Engineer: Electrical and electronics engineers  design and develop  the electrical systems  that power spacecraft, rockets, satellites, and ground control systems.

6. Robotics Engineer: Robots are playing an increasingly important role in space exploration. Robotics engineers  design, build, program, and maintain robots.

7. Satellite Communications Engineer: Satellite communications engineers  design, develop, and maintain the  communication systems  used by satellites  to transmit and receive data.

8. Space Policy Analyst: Space policy analysts  research, develop, and analyze  policies  related to space exploration, commercial space activities, and international cooperation in space.