8 Countries That Offer High Salary Packages to IIT Graduates

1. United States (USA): The United States is a top destination for IIT graduates, particularly in fields like computer science, engineering, and finance.

2. Singapore: Singapore is a major financial and tech hub in Asia, attracting IIT graduates with its competitive salaries and excellent career prospects.

3. Germany: Germany is a leader in engineering and manufacturing, and German companies value the expertise of IIT graduates.

4. Japan: Japan is a major player in technology and innovation, and Japanese companies are willing to pay top dollar for talented IIT graduates.

5. Canada: Canada is another popular destination for IIT graduates, offering a high quality of life, a welcoming immigration system.

6. Taiwan: Taiwan's booming tech sector is a major draw for IIT graduates, particularly those with expertise in semiconductors and electronics.

7. South Korea: South Korea's tech industry is a major force in the global market, and South Korean companies are increasingly recruiting IIT graduates.

8. United Arab Emirates (UAE): The UAE is a growing economic hub in the Middle East, and the government is investing heavily in science and technology.