7 Top Free Courses For Young Professionals

1. Google Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Master the basics of digital marketing in this free course from Google.

2. Coursera: Learning How to Learn Become a lifelong learner with this science-backed approach to learning.

3. LinkedIn Learning: Data Analysis for Non-Profits Even if you're not in the non-profit sector, this course teaches valuable data analysis skills applicable to any field.

4. EdX: Microsoft Excel for Beginners Excel is a must-have skill in almost any professional setting.

5. Khan Academy: Communication Skills for the Workplace Effective communication is key to professional success.

6. Alison: Project Management Fundamentals Equip yourself with project management fundamentals to organize tasks, manage resources, and meet deadlines effectively.

7. Udacity: Intro to Programming Nanodegree Learning to code opens doors to various tech opportunities.