7 Top Companies for Career in Investment Banking

1. Goldman Sachs: Renowned for its prestigious reputation and global reach, Goldman Sachs is a top choice for aspiring investment bankers.

2. JPMorgan Chase: A leading financial services institution, JPMorgan Chase offers a comprehensive investment banking platform with a strong presence across the globe.

3. Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Combining the strengths of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, this firm provides a well-rounded investment banking experience.

4. Citigroup: Another global powerhouse, Citigroup boasts a robust investment banking division with a strong focus on client service.

5. Morgan Stanley: Renowned for its sales and trading prowess, Morgan Stanley also offers a comprehensive investment banking platform.

6. Credit Suisse: A leading Swiss bank, Credit Suisse has a well-established investment banking division with a global presence.

7. Barclays: A British multinational bank, Barclays offers a strong investment banking platform with expertise in various sectors.