7 Physics Topics for Getting High Scores in NEET UG 2024 Exam

1. Mechanics (17-20%): This high-weightage section covers topics like laws of motion, work, energy, power, momentum, and collisions.

2. Electrostatics (11-13%): Understand electric charge, electric field, potential, capacitance, and Gauss's law.

3. Optics (10-12%): Grasp concepts like wave nature of light, reflection, refraction, lenses, and optical instruments.

4. Modern Physics (8-10%): This includes topics like atomic structure, photoelectric effect, Bohr's model, radioactivity, and nuclear reactions.

5. Thermodynamics (7-9%): Understand concepts like work, heat, internal energy, entropy, and laws of thermodynamics.

6. Current Electricity (7-9%): Master concepts like electric circuits, Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's laws, and electromagnetic induction.

7. Waves & Oscillations (4-6%): Understand wave motion, types of waves, superposition, and simple harmonic motion.