7 Motivational Quotes By Lord Vishnu For Students

1. "Knowledge is your shield, and perseverance your chariot. With these, conquer the obstacles on the path to your goals."

2. "Focus on the journey, for it is the journey that shapes you. The destination is merely a marker of your progress."

3. "Inner balance is key. Strive for excellence, but do not be consumed by the pursuit of perfection."

4. "Like the lotus flower that blooms in muddy water, rise above challenges and find your inner strength."

5. "Your true potential lies within. Seek knowledge, develop your skills, and let your inner light shine."

6. "Disciplina atque vigilantia" (Latin for "Discipline and vigilance").  This often-quoted phrase associated with Vishnu highlights the importance of discipline and focus in achieving goals.

7. "May you find the balance between duty and passion. Pursue your studies with dedication, but also find joy in the pursuit of knowledge."