7 Memory Techniques to Do Better on Class and Exam Days

1. Spaced repetition: This technique involves reviewing information at regular intervals, starting with short intervals and gradually increasing the time between reviews.

2. Chunking: This technique involves breaking down large pieces of information into smaller, more manageable chunks.

3. Mnemonic devices: These are memory aids that help you to remember information by associating it with something else that is easier to remember.

4. Elaboration: This technique involves connecting new information to what you already know. This helps to make the new information more meaningful and easier to remember.

5. Visualization: This technique involves creating mental images of the information you are trying to remember.

6. Active learning: This technique involves engaging with the information you are trying to learn in a meaningful way.

7. Retrieval practice: This technique involves testing yourself on the information you are trying to remember.

You can use these memory techniques to do better on class and exam days by reviewing the material regularly and using the techniques that work best for you.