7 Easy Tricks to Excel in Challenging Subjects

1. Chunk It Down: Don't get overwhelmed by the vastness of the subject.  Break it down into smaller, more manageable topics.

2. Befriend the Basics: Before diving into complex topics, ensure you have a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts.

3. Active Engagement is Key: Don't be a passive learner!  Actively engage with the material. Take notes, answer practice questions.

4. Find Your Learning Style: We all learn differently.  Identify whether you're visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.

5. Make it Memorable: Don't rely solely on rote memorization. Use mnemonics, flashcards, or visuals like diagrams to remember key terms, formulas, or historical events.

6. Embrace Mistakes: Mistakes are inevitable on the road to mastery. See them as valuable learning opportunities.

7. Form a Study Squad (Optional): Studying with a classmate who shares your goals can be a great motivator.