10 Villages Where Sanskrit is the First Language in India

1. Mattur, Karnataka: Often called the "Sanskrit village" of India, Mattur boasts a long tradition of Sanskrit scholarship and everyday usage.

2. Hosahalli, Karnataka: Located near Mattur, Hosahalli shares similar characteristics, with Sanskrit playing a significant role in daily life and education.

3. Jhiri, Madhya Pradesh: This village in Rajgarh district is known for its Sanskrit-inspired architecture and the widespread use of the language in daily life, particularly among women and children.

4. Sanskriti Bhavan, Gujarat: This unique village near Vadodara was established specifically for promoting Sanskrit language and culture.

5. Kavitha Puram, Andhra Pradesh: This village near Tirupati was founded by Sanskrit scholar and poet Rashtrakavi Ravindra Bhat, and promotes Sanskrit education and usage among its residents.

6. Shivpura, Maharashtra: Located near Pune, this village has a strong focus on Sanskrit education and cultural activities, and many residents use the language in their daily interactions.

7. Rishikul Yogashram, Uttarakhand: This ashram-based community near Rishikesh emphasizes the study and practice of Sanskrit, with residents using it for communication, religious rituals, and educational purposes.

8. Mahendragiri, Odisha: This village in Gajapati district has a long history of Sanskrit scholarship and continues to preserve the language through traditional learning centers and community initiatives.

9. Ventakeshwarapuram, Tamil Nadu: This village near Kanchipuram is known for its Sanskrit vidyalaya (school) and the active use of the language among residents, particularly in religious and cultural contexts.

10. Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu: While not a single village, Thanjavur district has a rich cultural heritage linked to Sanskrit, and many residents, especially scholars and priests, use the language fluently.

It's important to note that the extent of Sanskrit usage varies within these villages, and some may have seen a decline in recent years.