10 Things Students Should Never Share on Social Media

1. Personal Information: Address, phone number, full date of birth, or school details can be used for identity theft or stalking.

2. Private Conversations: Sharing screenshots or details of private conversations with friends or classmates is a breach of trust.

3. Illegal Activities: Posting about underage drinking, drug use, or vandalism can have legal consequences.

4. Complaints and Rants:  Venting online might feel good temporarily, but negativity can reflect poorly and create drama.

5. Bully Others: Cyberbullying can have serious consequences for both the victim and the perpetrator.

6. Provocative or Revealing Photos/Videos: These can be embarrassing now and could potentially hurt your future prospects.

7. Schoolwork: Sharing test questions, answers, or assignments can lead to disciplinary action.

8. Traveling Alone: Letting people know you're home alone or somewhere unsupervised can attract unwanted attention.

9. Fake News or Unreliable Sources: Spreading misinformation online can be harmful and damage your credibility.

10. Anything You Wouldn't Want a College or Employer to See: Remember, potential schools and employers may check your social media profiles.