10 Skill-based Jobs for 12th Passouts

1. Build a Simple Telescope: Explore the wonders of the cosmos by constructing a basic telescope using lenses and cardboard tubes.

2. Investigate the Phases of the Moon: Track the changing phases of the moon over a period of time, using a simple telescope or binoculars.

3. Study the Orbits of Planets: Construct a planetary motion model using cardboard cutouts, string, and pins.

4. Analyze the Properties of Meteorites: Explore the composition and origins of meteorites, fragments of celestial bodies that have fallen to Earth.

5. Investigate the Hubble Constant and the Expansion of the Universe: Study the Hubble constant, a measure of the universe's expansion rate.

6. Explore the Spectrum of Starlight to Identify Different Star Types: Utilize a spectroscope or diffraction grating to analyze the spectra of different stars.

7. Study the Life Cycles of Stars with a Stellar Evolution Project: Create a model or timeline depicting the life cycle of stars, from their formation to their eventual demise.

8. Build a Model of a Black Hole and Discuss Its Properties: Construct a physical or computer-based model of a black hole, incorporating its immense gravitational pull and event horizon.

9. Analyze the Concept of Time Dilation with Relativistic Physics Experiments: Investigate the concept of time dilation, a consequence of Einstein's theory of relativity.

These physics project ideas provide a glimpse into the vast and exciting world of scientific exploration.