10 Short Term Courses After Class 12 for Commerce Students

1. Digital Marketing: Dive into the world of online marketing, mastering SEO, social media, and content creation to help businesses thrive online.

2. Financial Accounting and Taxation: Gain a solid foundation in accounting principles, taxation laws, and financial statement analysis.

3. Business Analytics: Learn to analyze data, interpret trends, and generate insights to drive better business decisions.

4. Stock Market Fundamentals: Understand the basics of investing, stock markets, and portfolio management.

5. Entrepreneurship and Business Communication: Develop the skills to launch your own venture, honing communication and presentation abilities.

6. MS Office Suite (Excel, Word, etc.): Master these essential office tools to navigate spreadsheets, presentations, and document creation like a pro.

7. Foreign Language (French, Spanish, etc.): Enhance your global appeal and open doors to international business opportunities.

8. Retail Management: Learn the intricacies of retail operations, customer service, and inventory management.

9. E-commerce Operations: Gain expertise in online store setup, marketing strategies, and logistics for e-commerce businesses.

10. GST (Goods and Services Tax): Understand the intricacies of India's Goods and Services Tax to handle tax compliance effectively.