8 Money Mistakes International Students Should Avoid

1. Underestimating Living Expenses: Research accommodation costs, groceries, transportation, and other living expenses to create a realistic budget.

2. Ignoring Currency Fluctuations: Exchange rates can significantly impact your spending power.

3. Credit Card Conundrums: Credit cards can be convenient, but international transaction fees and high-interest rates can quickly drain your funds.

4. Textbook Temptation: Don't rush out and buy every book on the syllabus. Explore used book options.

5. Unplanned Travel Expenses: Traveling is a perk of studying abroad, but budgeting is key.

6. Peer Pressure Pitfalls: Friends may enjoy an extravagant lifestyle, but don't feel obligated to keep up.

7. Neglecting Scholarships and Grants: Research scholarships and grants specifically offered to international students.

8. Ignoring Work Authorization: If permitted by your student visa, explore part-time work opportunities to supplement your income.