10 Outdated Professions That Are Not Worth Pursuing Anymore

1. Travel Agent: Online booking platforms have significantly reduced the demand for traditional travel agents.

2. Switchboard Operator: Automated phone systems have made switchboard operators nearly obsolete.

3. Cashless Tollbooth Attendant: Electronic toll collection systems are replacing human tollbooth attendants.

4. Travelogue Writer: Travel blogs and vlogs have largely replaced traditional travelogue writing.

5. Factory Worker in Certain Sectors: Automation and robotics are reducing manual labor jobs in many industries.

6. Data Entry Clerk: Data entry tasks are increasingly automated. Though, data analysis or data management skills could be more valuable.

7. Bank Teller: ATMs and online banking have reduced the need for bank tellers.

8. Film Projectionist: The rise of digital cinema has significantly reduced the need for film projectionists.

9. Newspaper Reporter (Specific Niche):  News consumption has moved online.  However, investigative journalism or speciality reporting roles with strong online presence can still thrive.

10. Elevator Operator: Modern elevators are self-operated. However, high-end buildings or historical sites may still have elevator attendants.