10 Most Expensive Cities for a Study Abroad Programme: Check Living Expenses

1. Zurich, Switzerland:  This global financial hub boasts a stunning backdrop but comes with a hefty price tag. $1'800 per month and meals averaging $100 per day.

2. London, UK:  The UK capital offers a vibrant culture and world-renowned universities, but student living costs are substantial. £1,500 ($1,800) per month

3. New York City, USA:  The Big Apple is a melting pot of cultures and boasts prestigious academic institutions. $1,300 per month

4. Singapore:  This island nation is known for its academic excellence and efficiency. $1,200 per month

5. Boston, USA:  Home to several top universities, Boston offers a unique blend of history and innovation. $1,100 per month

6. Paris, France:  The City of Lights is a popular choice for international students, but it's not cheap.  Average monthly rent for student apartments can be around €1,000 ($1,100)month

7. Hong Kong:  This global financial hub offers a dynamic environment and esteemed universities.  HK$10,000 ($1,280) per month

8. Melbourne, Australia:  This Australian city is known for its cultural scene and academic institutions. A$2,000 ($1,400) per month

9. Los Angeles, USA:  L.A. attracts students with its sunshine, entertainment industry, and renowned universities. $1,000 per month

10. Tokyo, Japan:  Japan's capital city is a center of technology and innovation, with prestigious universities.  ¥100,000 ($750) per month

These are estimated costs and can vary depending on factors like the type of accommodation, location within the city, and individual spending habits.