10 Lucrative Career Paths Beyond Tech for IIT Graduates

1. Management Consulting: IIT grads' analytical prowess makes them ideal candidates for top consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, or Bain.

2. Investment Banking: Quantitative expertise and financial acumen pave the way for success in investment banking, with high earning potential.

3. Entrepreneurship: IITs nurture a culture of innovation. Leverage your technical expertise to  build the next big startup!

4. Data Science & Analytics: While still tech-adjacent, data science combines technical skills with business acumen, opening doors to various industries.

5. Finance & Quantitative Trading: Math wizards can apply their skills in algorithmic trading or risk management within the financial sector.

6. Management and Leadership Roles: Develop your soft skills and take on leadership roles in diverse fields, leveraging your strong analytical background.

7. Public Sector and Policy Making: Contribute to society by working in the public sector or crafting policies that shape the future.

8. Consulting in the Non-Profit Sector: Combine your skills with a desire to give back by consulting for non-profit organizations.

9. Venture Capital and Private Equity: IIT grads with an interest in finance can analyze potential investments in exciting startups.

10. Research and Academia: Pursue a PhD and delve deeper into your field, potentially becoming a future professor or researcher.