10 Jobs in Canada That Do Not Need a Degree

1. Construction Trades: Canada faces a skilled labor shortage in construction.

2. Personal Support Workers: Providing care and assistance to seniors, children, or disabled individuals in various settings.

3. Retail Salespersons: Working in stores, assisting customers, and operating cash registers.

4. Truck Drivers: Delivering goods across provinces or within cities. Requires a commercial driver's license and the ability to handle long hours on the road.

5. Chefs and Cooks: Preparing and cooking meals in restaurants, hotels, or other food service establishments.

6. Early Childhood Educators: Providing care and educational activities for young children in daycare centers or preschools.

7. Machinery and Equipment Mechanics: Installing, maintaining, and repairing machinery in various industries.

8. Hairstylists and Barbers: Cutting, coloring, and styling hair for clients in salons or barbershops.

9. Landscapers and Groundskeepers: Maintaining lawns, gardens, and other outdoor areas for residential, commercial, or municipal properties.

10. Customer Service Representatives:  Providing support to customers via phone, email, or chat, addressing inquiries and resolving issues.