10 Habits Students Must Change This Summer Vacation

1. Sleeping In vs. Consistent Sleep Schedule: Revise your sleep schedule for a smooth transition back to school.

2. Binge-Watching vs. Balanced Screen Time: Limit screen time and explore new hobbies or outdoor activities.

3. Unhealthy Snacking vs. Balanced Diet: Ditch sugary treats for nutritious meals and snacks.

4. Procrastinating Everything vs. Setting Goals: Set achievable goals for the summer.

5. No Exercise vs. Active Lifestyle: Make physical activity a priority. Go for walks, swim, or join a sports team.

6. Social Media Overload vs. Real-Life Connections:  Limit social media scrolling and prioritize spending quality time with friends and family.

7. Not Reading at All vs. Exploring New Books: Dive into a good book! Explore different genres or revisit old favorites.

8. Not Learning Anything New vs. Expanding Knowledge: Take a summer course, learn a new language, or listen to educational podcasts.

9. Not Helping Out Around the House vs. Contributing to the Team: Offer to help with chores and household responsibilities.

10. Not Spending Time with Family & Friends vs. Creating Memories: Make the most of your time with loved ones.